About Us

In its current form, the Web is a largely uninhabited world, where people can only see each others' artifacts and the vast majority of us never leave an imprint on our favorite sites.

OneTrueFan was born out of two ideas: 1) experiences are better when shared and 2) changing human behavior is next to impossible. Our first service enables people to automatically show up on the pages they visit. Other people can then discover them and interesting new content.

OneTrueFan is not a social network in the traditional sense, in that social networks attempt to localize an experience and/or lock users into a single social graph. OneTrueFan is the anti-network, bringing to light the communities that already exist at your favorite sites, with no additional effort on your part.

Privacy Policy

The easiest way to think about OneTrueFan is "if it's on your profile page, it's public." What sites you're a fan of, what pages you have shared; there are all inherently public things and anyone can see them.

On the other hand, your browser history is NEVER available for viewing, except via an authenticated API, which you control, and an audit page to which only you have access. (Both the API and audit page are coming soon).

The only way someone else can see where you've checked in on the web is by visiting that page as well. Serendipity, FTW.

Terms of Use

Don't be lame.

Contact OneTrueFan

If you are a commercial publisher and would like to add OneTrueFan to your site or discuss the benefits of our service, please send an email to chris@onetruefan.com. We will respond promptly!

If you need customer support, please click here to visit our support site where you can browse help information and ask questions. You can also tweet at us at @onetruefan.

Meet The Team

Steve Ho -- Senior Developer

Steve Ho is a Vietnamese cyborg originally built as his country's "final solution" in the early 70s. Thankfully, he learned to love during his many years at Cloudspace, saving the world from certain doom. He was a founding member of the MyBlogLog team.

Now, he does the work of five men, plays intramural soccer and drinks coffee that has seen both ends of animals. He enjoys mocking the rest of us for looking older each and every day.

Steve is the One True Fan of: tech, investing, asian tigers

Eric Marcoullier -- Co-CEO

Eric co-founded the pioneering games site IGN.com in 1996 (IPO in 2000, acquired by NewsCorp in 2005) and the first distributed social network MyBlogLog in 2005 (acquired by Yahoo in 2007). Additionally, he made console video games for half a decade and launched social data aggregator Gnip in 2008.

Eric now lives in Boulder with his wife and two boys. During his frequent trips to SF, LA and NYC, he likes to see as much live music as possible and eat street food. Eric pines for simpler times when he played video games and ultimate frisbee.

Eric is the One True Fan of: live music, science fiction, vinyl

Tilly McLain -- Community Manager

Tilly met up with the OneTrueFan gang during her time at Yahoo as community manager for MyBlogLog. With a career foundation selling videogames, and her background with the blogging community, working on OneTrueFan is the best of both worlds.

A Portland Oregon native, now living in beautiful San Francisco, she spends her free time playing with arts and crafts, managing a champion fantasy football team, trolling message boards and dorking out on videogames. She loves brunch, terrible hipster pop music, polar bears and zombies. You can hear her giggling from a mile away, and she smells like unicorns and victory. Find her on the web@misstillytilly

Tilly is the One True Fan of: Prop 215, unicorns, 4chan

Corey Reece -- Senior Developer

Corey is the only OneTrueFan founding team member who wasn't a part of MyBlogLog, but he worked with Todd at Cloudspace for several years and is as close to family as you can get. Corey is big with the agile and the pairing and the hey HEY! OneTrueFan benefits a ton from the super useful process Corey brings to the table.

Our resident foodie and bon vivant (that's French for "emo kid", right?) is known for regularly taking the team to new restaurants and pointing out that our 80s references sail right over his head. His wife has a PhD in genetics and we expect their children to either cure cancer or enslave California by the time they reach their tweens.

Corey is the One True Fan of: chicken feet, Kraftwerk, mountain air

Todd Sampson -- Co-CEO

Todd co-founded Cloudspace in 1996, MyBlogLog in 2005 (acquired by Yahoo in 2007), OneTrueFan in 2010 and numerous other startups over the years. He advises a number of tech startups from Silicon Valley to Bucharest and likes to point out that his two-year-old daughter was United Premier before Eric.

Todd currently lives in San Francisco with his wife, son and daughter. He has an intensely weird (and successful) ability to relentlessly focus on the good things in life, like sailing his Columbia 43, US soccer and his amazing family.

Todd is the One True Fan of: Nuno Bettencourt, happy thoughts, and the U.S. National Soccer Team

Chris Tacy -- VP Business Development

Chris Tacy is an odd-shaped peg who insists that he's actually a unique generalist. He has more than a decade's worth of business development success, was a founder at N/Volve (acquired by Viacom) and Fire Engine Red (acquired by Rare Medium Group) and is somewhat embarrassed that he was once the CSO of a publicly traded company. Chris is painfully obsessed with both transforming data into information and winning.

Hailing originally from the East Coast, Chris now lives in the Mission district of San Francisco, is weirdly passionate about coffee and absolutely loves food. A former member of the US National Dragonboat Team (seriously), he now limits his competitive nature to business and geeky German board games.

Chris is the One True Fan of: bacon, bees, bad tv

Darian Edwards -- Designer

Darian is the One True Fan of: Hip Hop, Design, and his family.

Micah Laaker -- Advisor

Micah is the One True Fan of: Omaha, Paul Simon, and Hell Boy.

Emanuel Miller -- Senior Developer

Manny was part of the MyBlogLog team, where he developed loads of code after the Yahoo acquisition. He eventually left to win a bunch of awards at a green-tech startup, but we don't hold that against him now that he's building cool new shit at OneTrueFan. He's an all-purpose code monkey, minus the poo flinging.

Manny is the One True Fan of: slackware, 2-strokes, and coffee.