OneTrueFan delivers a tastier new toast!

OneTrueFan is on fire this week with new announcements! Hot off the heels of our kick-ass API release, and the introduction of OneTrueFan Fanalytics, it is my pleasure to show you OneTrueFan’s sexy new toast notifications! 

OneTrueFan awards fans with patches for accomplishments such as sharing a site or viewing a certain amount of pages on a site. When you achieve an award, or unlock something new on your favorite sites, the message notification will glow red and pop up an alert on top of the bar (like a slice of toast popping out of a toaster). Fans then have the chance to share that achievement on Twitter or Facebook and score major bragging rights.

We also added a few new features on the leaderboard, including the ability to sort the competition by your friends, or see a public view of other fans of the site that you may not be following yet on Twitter or Facebook. And since OneTrueFan is more fun when your friends are playing too, we gave fans the ability to invite your contacts into the game via Twitter, Facebook and email so everyone can get into the mix!

What do ya think? Drop us a line if you have any other tweaks or features you would like to see, and give us a heads up if you notice anything acting wonky.


Welcome to OneTrueFan TechWeek & Gigaom!

It is my pleasure to welcome two major tech sites to the OneTrueFan community, check-in and show your love for TechWeek and Gigaom!

Head to the windy city for a week full of tech and start-ups at TechWeek.Com!

Chicago is an epicenter of adapting new technologies to social and economic diversity. The city’s culture of technology is one where hundreds of online companies have flourished. Chicago looks at how people actually live and work and brings products to diverse markets faster; and put innovation into the hands of thousands of community members. They don’t adapt culture to technology - they adapt technology to culture.

The TechWeek Conference tracks the worlds of consumer technology, mobile media, financial technology and IT infrastructure. For one week, July 22-29, 2011, the world of technology will visit Chicago in celebration of a new culture of technology with 4 days of conference sessions and over 150 speakers, 4 days of an expo hall with over 100 exhibitors, and over 60 independent off-site events

But before you head off to Chi-Town, make sure you check-into Gigaom so you can get the latest scoop on the technology everyones buzzing about! Covering everything from mobile, cloud, cleantech and broadband, Gigaom is your place for all the up to date stories that everyone is talking about. Starting today, you will see OneTrueFan on a select Apple related posts if you were referred by Google Search, and many more coming soon!

Thanks for playing OneTrueFan!


Introducing the OneTrueFan API!

If you’ve checked out OneTrueFan Fanalytics, you may have noticed the crazy amount of insight we can provide about your site and your community. The OneTrueFan Fanalytics site dashboard is just one example of how to use that data in a way that will help you engage your active fans, but the possibilities don’t just end there. Since data by nature loves to roam free like a wild pony, we decided to unleash the full power of OneTrueFan’s data to the public, with our newly released API

Access website & page information such as the OneTrueFan of a site, fans who have recently shared a link to your pages, recent fans who have checked-in, top popular pages on your site, as well as the most popular external sites and pages based on your community shares and checkins. 

Fetch information about your active fans including their Twitter & Facebook profiles, homepages, avatars, age & gender, total scores on sites & pages that they are a fan of, along with patches and sites that they reign as OneTrueFan!

And here’s the really fun part. Since we are collecting the sites & pages that are hot among your active fans, we can now offer you recommended links based on the sites and pages are most popular with your community. Enter in a URL, and the OneTrueFan API will deliver a recommended page, perfectly catered to the interest of engaged fans. And if your feeling lucky, call the OneTrueFan API and we will grab you a random link based on pages that your fans are sharing and checking into.

The possibilities are endless and we are just getting started. Keep in mind that the OneTrueFan API is still in early beta, so it is still very much a work in progress. Do you have an idea about what we can include to make it better? Drop us a line! We would love to hear what you think!


Understanding OneTrueFan Fanalytics!

By now I’m sure all of us have spent at least a few hours being hypnotized by our recently released real-time Fan Analytics (or Fanalytics as we call it here at OTF HQ). But this data is not just a sparkly stream of social engagement, its one of the most in depth looks you can get into what your community truly cares about. Check out how OneTrueFan Fanalytics can help you get to know your fans a little bit better:

Fan Interactions:

An up to date, real time look at your readers interaction with your site, based on check ins and twitter shares, with a comparison of how your sites interaction has changed within the last 48 hours. Did I mention that its real time? Cause it is.

Not only can you see exactly what time of day is best for you to publish a new post, but it also gives you an idea of when your fans visit your site the most. 

Active Fans Today

Total amount of active readers on your site, gauged by your 30 day max. An “active” fan is one who shared a link to your site within 24 hours, or “checked-in” via the OTF bar within the last 30 days. 

Most Popular on this site

A real time list of the pages and stories that are most visited and shared across your site. Across the bottom of each popular post is a row of your most recent readers that, when you hover over, will show you if the reader checked in or shared the page. This will show you the stories and posts that are most popular among members of your community, and helps you tailor your content based on your readers interests. 

Sites hot with this site’s fans & Pages hot with this site’s fans

Hot sites is a list of the most popular external web communities based on the sites that your readers share and check into the most. The blue bar to the right gives you a gauge of how popular one is vs the next and check the “Hide Common Sites” box to remove commonly used sharing platforms such as YouTube, yfrog, InstaGram etc.

Similar to your “Sites hot with this site’s fans” list, “Pages hot with this site’s fans” is a ranked list of pages and stories from outside sites that are the most popular with your community members. Catch a story thats buzzing with your readers on other sites? Hop on the wave and publish a story on your site too!

Fan Leaderboard

An complete full view of your sites total leaderboard including your fans total scores. Hovering over the reader will show you the patches they have earned on your site, as well as the most recent pages they have shared, and other sites that they hold the title of OneTrueFan.

Fan Activity Stream

This is your real time, up to the moment stream of each interaction on your site. Every time a reader checks in, or shares a link, they pop up in the Fan Activity Stream in REAL TIME and tells you the page that they interacted with. This stream may look like a babbling brooke, but when you publish a post that gets everyone buzzing, it can look like a roaring rapid!

Don’t you wish you knew this sort of data about your own readers and fans? Drop us a line and we will hook you up!