Introducing the OneTrueFan API!

If you’ve checked out OneTrueFan Fanalytics, you may have noticed the crazy amount of insight we can provide about your site and your community. The OneTrueFan Fanalytics site dashboard is just one example of how to use that data in a way that will help you engage your active fans, but the possibilities don’t just end there. Since data by nature loves to roam free like a wild pony, we decided to unleash the full power of OneTrueFan’s data to the public, with our newly released API

Access website & page information such as the OneTrueFan of a site, fans who have recently shared a link to your pages, recent fans who have checked-in, top popular pages on your site, as well as the most popular external sites and pages based on your community shares and checkins. 

Fetch information about your active fans including their Twitter & Facebook profiles, homepages, avatars, age & gender, total scores on sites & pages that they are a fan of, along with patches and sites that they reign as OneTrueFan!

And here’s the really fun part. Since we are collecting the sites & pages that are hot among your active fans, we can now offer you recommended links based on the sites and pages are most popular with your community. Enter in a URL, and the OneTrueFan API will deliver a recommended page, perfectly catered to the interest of engaged fans. And if your feeling lucky, call the OneTrueFan API and we will grab you a random link based on pages that your fans are sharing and checking into.

The possibilities are endless and we are just getting started. Keep in mind that the OneTrueFan API is still in early beta, so it is still very much a work in progress. Do you have an idea about what we can include to make it better? Drop us a line! We would love to hear what you think!