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Raising the bar

"Now the bar doesn't always popup, which is good, and it seems to be smarter about what is and isn't public. However, now the converse is true when the bar DOESN'T pop up and I think it should. The inconsistent behavior is unnerving and I still think something that is more persistent would work better IMO."

You walk a thin line when you are building a browser addon, not to be too intrusive, while still maintaining a presence. We are constantly tweaking the ingredients make the perfect mix, but its still a work in progress.

We are driven by the idea that when people complain that the bar pops up too much, it's because there's nothing interesting when it shows up. For the time being, we're going to keep operating at this thesis and make sure that you're delighted whenever the bar pops up.

That said, we freaking LOVE that you want to see the bar more and more! That drives us to find more ways to make the bar more interesting on as many pages as possible!
happy I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas!
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